Cumbria Taekwondo has been teaching the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo through out the local community in one form or another for over 40 years. Established in the 1970’s by Master Percy Gill, who opened the first of Cumbria Taekwondo’s clubs based in Kendal. One of his students Master Phil James eventually took over the running of the club and over the years would establish Cumbria Taekwondo as one of the most successful clubs around achieving worldwide recognition.

Many world class competitors trained out of Kendal at a time before Taekwondo gained status as an Olympic sport. Two of Master James prodigies, Kevin Thompson and Beverley Fallows, experienced successful taekwondo careers under the instruction of Master James and were a natural choice as his successors.

Master Kevin Thompson was promoted to Chief instructor of Cumbria Taekwondo and Master Beverley Fallows was awarded the Head Instructor of the Kendal club where it all began. Cumbria Taekwondo continues to grow today and we now have clubs based in Kendal, Ulverston and our newest club in Milnthorpe, run by Steven Grabek; another former student of Master James.

We have a strong family of black belts many of whom were some of Master James original students, which stands as testament to the quality of training and club spirit with in Cumbria Taekwondo. All of our clubs running today are non-profit and our instructors volunteer their time to teach Taekwondo because of the love we have for the sport and the martial art. Our ethos is to make Taekwondo accessible to everyone, so we keep costs low but training standards high.