We have three clubs across South Cumbria in Kendal, Milnthorpe and Ulverston. At these clubs our experienced instructors teach all aspects of Taekwondo and regularly attend competitions. Whether you are a beginner, or more experienced and looking for a new club to continue your training, everyone is welcome. Our classes cater for all people of all ages and abilities.

Click below for more information and contact details of the three clubs.


Our longest established club, Kendal has been providing Taekwondo lessons to the local community for many years. Now headed up by 6th Dan Master Beverley Fallows, Kendal provides classes for all ages starting from 4yrs old.

Read more about the Kendal Club

Queen Katherine School

Appleby Road,

Contact Details

Master Beverley Fallows 6th Dan
Email: beverley@cumbriataekwondo.co.uk

DayTimeVenueClass Description
Thursday5.30 – 6.15pmQueen Katherine SchoolIron Monkeys (5 - 7 years)
Thursday6.20 - 7.30pmQueen Katherine SchoolJuniors (8 - 11 years)
Thursday7.35 - 8.45pmQueen Katherine SchoolSeniors (12 years +)


Cumbria Taekwondo Milnthorpe was established by 4th Dan Instructor Steven Grabek back in 2010. The club continues to grow and provides classes for all ages, including specially designed Kickstars classes for 4-7yr olds.

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Dallam School

Dallam School,

Contact Details

Steven Grabek 4th Dan
Email: stevengrabek@cumbriataekwondo.co.uk

DayTimeVenueClass Description
Tuesday5.30- 6.15pmDallam SchoolIron Monkeys( 5 - 7 years)
Tuesday6.20 - 7.20pmDallam SchoolJunior Development (8 - 11 years)
Tuesday7.30 - 8.30pmDallam SchoolSenior & Advanced Juniors (12 years+)
Tuesday8.30 - 9pmDallam SchoolAdvanced Traditional (Red belt +)


Cumbria Taekwondo Ulverston is run by Cumbria’s Chief Instructor, 6th Dan Master Kevin Thompson. Classes provide training in all aspects of Taekwondo from traditional to sport for those seeking a competitive edge.

Red Rose Social Club

Social & Recreation Centre,
Victoria Rd,
LA12 0BY

Contact Details

Master Kevin Thompson 6th Dan
Email: kevin@cumbriataekwondo.co.uk

DayTimeVenueClass Description
Monday7.15 - 8.30pmRed Rose Social ClubAll levels (8 years +)